Sports Massage the benefits and effects

Sports massage offers benefits for all kinds of athletes from the elite to the weekend warrior. It is designed to help the sports person give optimal performance, recover quicker from training session and reduce the likelihood of injury. But you don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to benefit from sports massage it is also good for people who have injuries, pain or restricted range of movement.
Many elite athletes are firm believers in the value of sports massage therapy. Athletes at the Australian Institute of Sport have regular massage when training and sometimes both pre and post event. Heavily exercised muscles often get overloaded with lactic acid and other waste products. This leads to chronically tight, sore muscle that lack the capacity to fully relax and contract, this in turn predisposes the sports person to muscles strains and tears.
According to Dr Glen Halvorson (MD) “Muscle strain is a common sports related injury with the potential to chronically impair performance. When preventative techniques such as sports massage are applied severe muscle strain may be avoided”.
Sports massage will help you
  • Reduce recovery times from training sessions
  • Minimise the chances of muscle strains and tears
  • Keep you healthy and competitive for longer
  • Perform at your peak when it counts most
 You wouldn’t drive your car with flat tyres so why participate in sports with tired, sore or aching muscles.