SCIATIC PAIN – Relief is at hand

Sciatic pain commonly known as sciatica is a condition marked by pain that radiates down from the lower back or buttocks into the back of the leg and calf.  It generally only affects one side of the body but can affect both.

People who do a lot of lifting or other repetitive activities involving the lower back and desk bound workers who spend long hours with little or no movement in the lower back area most often suffer from this condition.  The two most common causes of sciatic pain include disc problems that cause a direct compression on the sciatic nerve and compression of the sciatic nerve by muscles deep within the buttocks (most commonly the piriformis muscle) which when inflamed or tight place direct pressure on the sciatic nerve (which runs directly through or under the muscle), this condition is known as piriformis syndrome.

Remedial massage and Myotherapy are extremely effective tools for providing relief of both chronic (long term) and acute (short term) sciatic pain.  Massage helps to loosen up the tight muscle tissue that causes the compression on or around the sciatic nerve.  Once the muscles in the area resume normal flexibility and function your pain is dramatically reduced.   Most individuals gain significant relief after only a couple of treatments. 

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