Relief is at Hand

Many people in our society suffer with back pain that limits their mobility and general living comfort.

In Australia back problems represent the greatest number of claims for workers compensation.  Each year there are more back injuries in our workforce than we had total casualties in World War II.  It is no secret that back injuries are a major and costly problem that affects many Australians.

Often the major symptoms of back problems do not occur until many years after an injury so you may remain completely unaware that a problem even exists.  This is where the apparent mystery of back pain unfolds.  Because the body is such a magnificent piece of equipment it will compensate for problems (sometimes for years) by recruiting other muscle groups to assist.  The stresses on your back slowly accumulate until eventually they are more than your body can take.  Then, suddenly, after some insignificant movement such as bending over a basin, getting out of the car or tying your shoelaces you experience acute back pain. You become a “bad back” statistic.

Spinal disease accounts for a very small percentage of back problems (less than 10%), so cumulative biomechanical stresses are the major cause of back problems. These include poor posture both sitting and standing, incorrect lifting techniques, heavy school bags slung over only one shoulder, dangerous and high impact exercise techniques, sitting for prolonged periods of time with a wallet in your back pocket and walking in high heel shoes. In many cases it is a combination of several factors that causes your “sudden back pain”.  Minimising the daily biomechanical stresses to your back is essential if you are to stay pain free.  * Extract “Spinal Shock” 

Deep tissue remedial massage and Myotherapy are extremely effective in giving relief from the pain and misery caused by both acute and chronic back and neck pain.  The majority of individuals gain significant relief after only a couple of sessions.  Your remedial massage or myotherapist will take a comprehensive history of any past accidents, your current workplace duties, exercise regime, medical conditions and other details.  This will enable them to apply effective massage or myotherapy techniques to the problem areas, which will help to restore mobility and ease pain.  They may also recommend appropriate and beneficial stretching and strengthening exercises, which will help to maintain your back or neck, keeping them in good physical condition and most importantly keeping the pain away.


Back Pain