Back Pain - Prevention is better than a cure

Back pain is often frustrating and mystifying. There maybe no apparent reason why your back suddenly “goes” on you.  Twisting quickly or awkwardly doing up a shoe lace, making the bed or sneezing may produce sudden and severe pain in your back.


Obviously these actions by themselves do not cause the problem; otherwise it would have happened thousands of time before.  Back pain in such instances is usually caused by an accumulation of stresses over a long period of time.  The insignificant body action being performed when the pain occurs is usually “the straw that breaks the camel’s back”.  It’s generally what you’ve done over a period of years that determines to a great extent whether you will or will not experience back pain.

Prevention is better than the cure, don’t wait until you’ve hurt yourself to climb onto our table.  Massage is an excellent preventative maintenance tool.  'Why Knot' make an appointment today!